Pig Population Growth

In this blog post we are going to focus on the population growth of pigs and wild hogs in America. The population growth is getting out of control and has exploded over the last several years because of the mating, strength, and will to survive of the pig family. A lot of hunters will go out in woods looking for deer and other wild animals and will see wild hogs and boars with regularity. These animals can be dangerous and can actual put a piercing wound in your leg or abdomen with their tusks and overall aggressive behavior. Plus they can run very fast, so look out if you are out in the open and they come after you!

Adding to the danger of the hogs in the wild are the sheer numbers that they are multiplying into. The aggressive behavior and overcrowding of areas are creating all kinds of issues. In the past the common domestic pigs were beginning to multiply and gather some steam. During all of that they began to mate with the Eurasion wild boar which lived side by side. My friend over at Roswell Pro Movers goes on a wild boar hunting trip every year, speaking of this. This actually began to explode the population here in the Southeast and has caused an epidemic of sorts with the over population. Their dirty behaviors and encroaching of the major southeastern cities have caused a problem with the cleanliness of these areas.

European settlers originally brought the domestic pigs to their farms in the 1600’s for the pork they put off and were able to keep them domesticated for the most part. However, some of the pigs would get lose over time and they began to mate out in the wild creating a healthy population. Their numbers have drastically increased over the last few decades and there are said to be at least 5 million domestic wild pigs out in the 39 states across the US. The largest populations of these wild pigs are in Florida and Texas but have recently gained strength in all the Southeastern states along with the midwest. It is said that these pigs create over 1.5 billion dollars in damages and control costs each year to the agricultural industry. They are described as the “rototillers of nature” and dig up crops, and farming areas all over the country now. Mostly in agricultural heavy areas.

One thing is for certain, the United States needs to get a control or a grip on the ever exploding wild pig population. It will be more than out of control in another decade since they are ravishing crops, digging up farmers lands and bringing disease with them in these areas. Lots of bacteria are laid in the soil when pigs defecate and drop their discards all over the place. These are our crops and need to be protected at all costs. Since they are nimble, smart and fast, they are tough to control and keep up with making it a difficult task for the government to maintain.