Pig Population Growth

In this blog post we are going to focus on the population growth of pigs and wild hogs in America. The population growth is getting out of control and has exploded over the last several years because of the mating, strength, and will to survive of the pig family. A lot of hunters will go out in woods looking for deer and other wild animals and will see wild hogs and boars with regularity. These animals can be dangerous and can actual put a piercing wound in your leg or abdomen with their tusks and overall aggressive behavior. Plus they can run very fast, so look out if you are out in the open and they come after you!

Adding to the danger of the hogs in the wild are the sheer numbers that they are multiplying into. The aggressive behavior and overcrowding of areas are creating all kinds of issues. In the past the common domestic pigs were beginning to multiply and gather some steam. During all of that they began to mate with the Eurasion wild boar which lived side by side. My friend over at Roswell Pro Movers goes on a wild boar hunting trip every year, speaking of this. This actually began to explode the population here in the Southeast and has caused an epidemic of sorts with the over population. Their dirty behaviors and encroaching of the major southeastern cities have caused a problem with the cleanliness of these areas.

European settlers originally brought the domestic pigs to their farms in the 1600’s for the pork they put off and were able to keep them domesticated for the most part. However, some of the pigs would get lose over time and they began to mate out in the wild creating a healthy Continue reading Pig Population Growth

Pigs as Pets?

In an effort to contrast our first blog post about pigs, this one will be on the lighter side and about domesticated pigs. So, we won’t discuss all of the pig body parts that get consumed on daily basis on this post here. Haha, this one will be about pigs who get domesticated and live inside the homes of normal American families similar to dogs and cats. I was amazed at how many families actually have grown adult pigs living in their homes and backyards across America and they often have more than one!

So, the American pig can be a breakfast, lunch or dinner choice for consumers across the globe. But, there has been a trend to domesticate these animals over the years into common everyday pets. I have seen an episode on dateline, or 20/20 where lots of folks have these animals as pets running around in their living rooms. Surprisingly, despite how dirty they are, pigs are smart animals that pick up on things quickly. A guy I know that owns plumber Roswell, GA has a neighbor with a pig and he has seen it first hand. They can respond to a good deal of commands that normal dogs would respond to such as sit, stay, rollover and many more. They are lovable, have feelings and individual personalities that a lot of dog and cat lovers would be attracted to.

It begs the question though, who would actually want a pig running around their house? Well, you would be surprised, there are thousands of families with pigs staying at their house, and inside the house to boot! Another surprising fact about these pigs and their owners is Continue reading Pigs as Pets?

Pigs, Sausage, Bacon


Welcome to our blog about pigs and everything that they offer us humans here in the US. In this post we will discuss these animals in America for the food they produce us. Most Americans eat sausage, bacon, pork chops, pork barbque, and anything else the pig can produce for consumption. They are among the most abundant animals in the country being used for pets, slaughter for food, and there is a wild boar population running out of control throughout the Southeastern United States currently. Which will probably continue to increase rapidly over the next decades.

Most families in America, traditional families I should say, eat pigs on a regular basis. My buddy who owns a gutter installation company in Smyrna GA eats pork like every day. From bacon with your eggs, to pork chops, barbeque, sausage with your breakfast and dozens of other regular traditional dishes. They are a very popular choice of southerners for a variety of meals for sure. I say southerners because I grew up and still live in the south, so I know a thing or two about meals around here. Literally, every high fat, greasy breakfast option Continue reading Pigs, Sausage, Bacon